Triathlon and Road Cycling

Bobby began his athletic career as a cross country runner, transitioning into the sport of cycling at the age of 16. He began racing professionally in 2006 for Nerac Pro Cycling while continuing to pursue his mechanic engineering degree from the University of Florida. After graduating in 2009, Bobby continued to race professionally through 2015, competing in world tour and UCI events with 5-Hour Energy Pro Cycling and Team SmartStop. Bobby retired from professional bike racing in 2015 and has since returned to running and swimming as an elite triathlete. He resides in Sarasota, FL with his wife and two daughters, and enjoys organic gardening in his spare time!



Road Cycling and MTB

Christian entered cycling through mountain bike racing, before switching to the road in his late teens. He spent several seasons with the US National Team as a junior and under-23 racer and raced until 2014, finishing his career on 5-Hour Energy Pro Cycling. Despite retiring from pro cycling, Christian continues to ride often and dabble in mountain bike racing. He lives in the south of France, and can be found skiing and hiking when he's not on the bike.